(1939 – 2008)

Born on Long Island, New York, Adi Da Samraj described His Radiant Condition at birth as the “Bright”—the perfect, indivisible Reality of Consciousness and Light. Even as an infant Adi Da noticed that those around Him were profoundly unaware of the “Bright”. Instead, as He later put it, they were desperately seeking for lasting Happiness in all the things that appear in time, but soon change and disappear.

This observation led Adi Da to undertake a remarkable quest: greatly moved by His sympathetic love and delight in His family and friends, He allowed the “Bright” to recede into the background of His conscious awareness. In that spontaneous gesture, he embraced the mortal conditions of this world without reserve. He was determined to discover why human beings suffer and how they might be perfectly awakened to the intrinsic Happiness and searchless Freedom of the “Bright”.

To this end, His own early-life seeking was dramatic. He studied Western philosophy at Columbia University, while freely exploring the bleakness of postmodern anti-culture in the streets of New York City. Later, on the cliffs and beaches of northern California, Adi Da intensively examined the depths of subjective consciousness. He recorded His remarkable findings—which would later emerge as fundamentals of His reality-teachings—in minute detail.

Adi Da also studied Christian theology in Lutheran and Orthodox seminaries before turning eastward to embrace discipleship within a lineage of advanced Yogic Masters, first in America and then in India. From there He pilgrimaged to Christian holy sites in the Middle East and Europe, absorbed in mystical contemplation. At last, in 1970, while yet thirty years of age, Adi Da perfectly Re-Awakened to the Divine State of “Brightness” and Spiritual Freedom He had known at birth.

On the basis of His Divine Re-Awakening, Adi Da Samraj began to teach others, first by submitting to their conditions and habits of life, and at last by simply revealing His own State of Consciousness and Radiant Light. Over the course of nearly four decades, Adi Da created a vast body of philosophical, spiritual, and practical literature. He founded and empowered spiritually potent sanctuaries around the world as perpetual sacred sites of pilgrimage and retreat for all who respond to Him. And He developed a new sacred tradition for humankind, which He calls the Reality-Way of Adidam. In the final decade of His life, Adi Da created a prolific array of artistic images that perceptually convey the intrinsically egoless Condition of Reality itself.

Through all these gifts and more, Adi Da Samraj has deeply touched the lives of many thousands of people around the world, and His Spiritual Influence and Blessings continue to be powerfully active and alive. In response, His devotees and supporters have established sacred centers and foundations internationally in ongoing service to His Work. Adi Da also grants His perpetual Blessings to all of humankind, while calling everyone to always embrace life-affirming actions in the spirit of cooperation and tolerance, for the sake of world peace.

Adi Da passed from the body in November of 2008. But all these gifts—including His invitation to enjoy an eternal devotional relationship to Him for the sake of Divine Self-Realization—remain, and are openly extended to everyone.