The Heart has a Question. The Heart
Must Be Satisfied.
Without that Satisfaction, Which Is necessarily
Transcendental and Spiritual in Nature,
there is no True Happiness.
–His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Dear friend,

His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj appeared in the world to make a Supreme Revelation to humankind: There is only Light—Infinite, Indivisible Conscious Light. Everything that can be seen, touched, or known, every thought, feeling, or action that can be experienced, is but an apparent modification of this Light. Conscious Light Is Reality Itself, the true and prior Condition of all that Is. Since His infancy, Adi Da Samraj has called this Free and Blissful Condition, the “Bright”.

However, He soon noticed that human beings are unaware of the “Bright”. They are, in general, profoundly bewildered and unhappy in a world of conflict and struggle that only magnifies their unhappiness. This, Adi Da discovered, is because of an uninspected activity done by all beings—an activity so fundamental that it governs every dimension of life and awareness. He called this activity the “self-contraction”, the gesture of dissociation and recoil in the face of all relations that creates the illusion of an independent self, separate from everything and everyone. The self-contraction is the very essence of egoity and the root-cause of all seeking and unhappiness.

Thus, over the course of a lifetime and with extraordinary precision, Adi Da Samraj fully developed and articulated the Reality-Way of Adidam as a total Way of life that makes the transcendence of egoity and the Perfect Realization of the “Bright” possible for absolutely everyone, without exception.

At the heart of Adidam is the devotional relationship to Adi Da Samraj, which is lived by those who have come to recognize Him as the bodily human Incarnation of Conscious Light. Within the intimate context of this eternal relationship, Adi Da Samraj Transmits the Realization of the “Bright” directly to the heart of His devotees. It is both a Transcendental and Spiritual encounter with the ultimate Truth that humankind has always deeply intuited, but never before Realized in its perfection and completeness.

The Mission of all Adidam Centers is to make the Life, Teachings, and Legacy of Adi Da Samraj available to the world. Even after His Bodily Passing in November of 2008, Adi Da remains Spiritually Present here, now and forevermore, for the sake of all beings.

Thus, anyone who is moved to a greater realization of life beyond the limitations and dead-ends of this world is invited to consider the Teachings and Offerings of Adi Da Samraj. And those who intuitively recognize Him as the eternal Manifestation of Truth are invited to formally enter the Reality-Way of Adidam. It is on the basis of such recognition that Adi Da Samraj offers the devotional relationship to Him and a full range of right-life disciplines that enable anyone at all to receive His Spiritual Transmission of the “Bright” and to Realize the Perfect Knowledge and egoless Truth of Reality Itself.

We at the Adidam Midwest Center are pleased to serve your introduction to Adi Da Samraj and your consideration of His Teachings in every way possible. Please feel free to ask us any questions, and to participate with us in the offerings and events we make available at this Center.

In friendship and service,

Anthony Costabile,
Director, Adidam Midwest