Since 1997 Adidam Chicago has been an urban ashram for students and devotees of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Ashram residents live a cooperative life of devotion and a schedule of daily practices based on the Teachings of this remarkable Spiritual Master. The reason for this is not ascetical. We have discovered that these practices help us (and anyone at all) to cultivate a profound sensitivity to the limitless Spiritual Reality that underlies and pervades all of life. The purpose of Avatar Adi Da’s life has been to provide the essential Means for all to perfectly Realize this Reality as the stable constant of their lives.

But Adidam Chicago is much more than an urban ashram. It also houses a bookstore, a gallery of Avatar Adi Da’s transcendental image-art, a large temple open to all for prayer and meditation, and an educational center where you can discover Avatar Adi Da’s literary and artistic works, revelatory writings, and recorded Talks. You can also view videos of Avatar Adi Da speaking or simply sitting in silent blessing of all, and more...

We extend these offerings to our public friends and guests via seasonal celebrations, retreats, video programs, discussion groups, and other educational opportunities--and, for those living at a distance, we offer webinars, teleconferences, and correspondence courses.

We happily invite you to make use of these offerings and to discover firsthand the abiding and transformative power of Avatar Adi Da’s Spiritual Presence, which remains potently alive and effective even after His passing from the body in November, 2008.

Feel free stop by for a visit, give us a call, or email us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!